Designing and Implementing Best Practices for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & CROs

    Outsourcing Strategy/Provider Selection


Outsourcing Strategy-Specialists in small to medium Biotech and Pharma
  • Work with Management to determine the optimal outsourcing strategy
  • Development of operational plan for outsourcing
  • Training on outsourcing models and management of providers
  • Development of outsourcing principles
  • Formation and training of internal outsourcing team
Process Design and Improvement-Provider Selection
  • Audit of current processes
  • Re-engineering and process improvement
  • Change management
  • Design and implementation of efficient, cost saving methodologies
  • "Virtual Outsourcing Department" for provider selection and contracting
  • Design and implementation of continuous improvement and risk sharing programs
  • Robust RFI process
  • “Best Practice” RFP process
  • Development of tools and score cards for analysis of proposals and budgets
  • Training on best practice outsourcing, budget negotiation, and selection process
  • Negotiation of contracts and budget
Preferred Relationships, Strategic Initiatives, and Master Services Agreements
  • Preferred or pre-qualified provider process
  • Governance models, governance planning, relationship modeling and management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Master Services Agreement negotiation
  • Relationship training and team building
  • Preferred pricing and discounting negotiation
  • Rate analysis/rate card negotiation
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